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JCCP welcomes submissions on treatment and prevention in all areas of clinical and clinical—health psychology and especially on topics that appeal to a broad clinical—scientist and practitioner audience. JCCP encourages the submission of theory—based interventions, studies that investigate mechanisms of change, and studies of the effectiveness of treatments in real-world settings. Studies on the following topics will be considered if they have clear implications for clinical research and practice:. Although JCCP largely publishes research that is empirical and quantitative in method, rigorous theoretical papers on topics of broad interest to the field of clinical psychology will be considered, as will critical analyses and meta-analyses of treatment approaches on topics of broad theoretical, methodological, or practical interest to the field of clinical psychology.

JCCP also considers methodologically sound single-case des e. JCCP does not consider manuscripts dealing with the etiology or Woman seeking nsa Davilla Texas pathology of abnormal behavior which are more appropriate for the Journal of Abnormal Woman seeking nsa Davilla Texas. Similarly, the journal does not consider articles focusing primarily on assessment, measurement, and diagnostic procedures and concepts which are more appropriate for Psychological Assessment. Editors reserve the right to determine the most appropriate location of a manuscript. Prior to submission, please carefully read and follow the submission guidelines detailed below.

Manuscripts that do not conform to the submission guidelines may be returned without review. Prepare manuscripts according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association using the 7 th edition.

Manuscripts may be copyedited for bias-free language see Chapter 5 of the Publication Manual. Before submitting your manuscript, please make sure that you have reviewed the TOP Guidelines and have prepared your manuscript accordingly. You will be asked to verify that you have done so upon submission.

Submit Manuscript.

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General correspondence may be directed to the Editorial Office via. This allows APA to check submissions for potential overlap with material ly published in scholarly journals e. This journal uses a masked reviewing system for all submissions. The first of the manuscript should omit the authors' names and affiliations but should include the title of the manuscript and the date it is submitted. Footnotes containing information pertaining to the authors' identities or affiliations should not be included in the manuscript, but may be provided after a manuscript is accepted.

Make every effort to see that the manuscript itself contains no clues to the authors' identities, including grant s, names of institutions providing IRB approval, self-citations, and links to online repositories for data, materials, code, or preregistrations e. Please ensure that the final version for production includes a byline and full author note for typesetting. The cover letter accompanying the manuscript submission must include all authors' names and affiliations to avoid potential conflicts of interest in the review process.

Addresses and phone s, as well as electronic mail addresses and fax s, if available, should be provided for all authors for possible use by the editorial office and later by the production office. Full-length manuscripts should not exceed 35 s total including coverabstract, text, references, tables, and figureswith margins of at least 1 inch on all sides Woman seeking nsa Davilla Texas a standard font e. The entire paper text, references, tables, etc. For papers that exceed 35 s, authors must justify the extended length in their cover letter Woman seeking nsa Davilla Texas.

Papers that do not conform to these guidelines may be returned without review. In addition to full-length manuscripts, the JCCP will consider Brief Reports of research studies in clinical psychology. The Brief Report format may be appropriate for empirically sound studies that are limited in scope, contain novel or provocative findings that need further replication, or represent replications and extensions of prior published work.

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Brief Reports are intended to permit the publication of soundly deed studies of specialized interest that cannot be accepted as regular articles because of lack of space. Brief Reports must be prepared according to the following specifications: Use point Times New Roman type and 1-inch 2.

These limits do not include the titleabstract, author note, footnotes, tables, or figures. An author who submits a Brief Report must agree not to submit the full report to another journal of general circulation. The Brief Report should give a clear, condensed Woman seeking nsa Davilla Texas of the procedure of the study and as full an of the as space permits. JCCP now publishes papers that are commentaries of ly published articles in this journal.

Two types of commentaries will be considered:. The primary purpose would be to provide a meaningful insight, concern, alternative interpretation, clarification, or critical analysis. It is not intended to be pedestrian in nature e. Rather, its publication would provide for a richer and more comprehensive understanding of a methodological, conceptual, or professional issue that ificantly adds to the literature. Similar to a Brief Report, Brief Comments should not exceed lines of text including references. This limit does not include the titleabstract, or author notes.

The title of a Brief Comment should include a subtitle reflecting the actual title and year of publication of the article that engendered the comment. Brief Comments should be submitted in a timely manner, no later than 9 months after publication of the original article. Upon acceptance of a Brief Comment, the author s of the original paper would be invited to submit a response, whereupon, if acceptable, both the Brief Comment and Response would be published together.

Such Responses to a Brief Comment should also not exceed lines of text including references. The purpose of this type of article is essentially similar to that of a Brief Comment i. An example might include describing and analyzing the limitations of a particular statistical or methodological procedure used in several studies ly published in JCCPprovided along with meaningful recommendations.

This type of article should not exceed approximately one half the length of the original paper note that 1 journal equals approximately 3—3. Unless permission from the editor is received, no Extended Comment should exceed 20 manuscript s inclusive of all references, tables, and figures. Similar to a Brief Comment, where and when appropriate, if such a paper is accepted, the author s of the original article s will be contacted to write a response, whereupon, if acceptable, both the Extended Comment and Response would be published together. This Invited Response should not exceed approximately one half the length of the Extended Comment.

The title of this type of article need not include a subtitle representing the original article s. One important review criteria involves the timeliness of the topic and its potential contribution to the scientific literature base relevant to the Woman seeking nsa Davilla Texas of JCCP content. Whereas the majority of papers published in JCCP Woman seeking nsa Davilla Texas involve descriptions of quantitatively-based investigations, this journal also considers conceptual articles on topics of broad theoretical, methodological, or practical interest that advance the field of clinical psychology.

Examples might include describing a new methodological or statistical procedure, delineating methods of enhancing dissemination of research findings from the lab to real-world settings, or advocating the need to increase the profession's research efforts regarding a traditionally underserved population.

Similar formatting guidelines for submitting a full length research article would apply for these types of papers. As of March 1, registration will be required for all clinical trials studies deed to examine the efficacy or effectiveness of a treatment or preventive intervention reporting primary outcome findings.

Prospective registration i. Retrospective registration will be accepted only if recruitment began before this date. Clinical trials must be registered at ClinicalTrials. Differences between registered and reported methods or outcomes must be explained clearly and transparently in the manuscript. Trial protocols, including statistical analysis plans, must be made available to readers. Both published and unpublished protocols are acceptable.

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Published protocols should be cited in the manuscript. Unpublished protocols may be provided in online-only supplements or made available by request. For secondary analyses of existing data sets, where primary analyses have already been published or are in pressregistration is not required. For such analyses, registration status must be made transparent in the manuscript, and authors must follow guidelines about data transparency provided on the JCCP website. The article s reporting the primary outcomes, and the findings, must be cited in the manuscript.

Manuscripts reporting long-term Woman seeking nsa Davilla Texas of studies for which the primary outcomes have already been published also will not require registration, but authors must follow the guidelines above for secondary analyses.

Authors must note registration status in their cover letter, in the manuscript, and in the submission portal.

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American Psychologist, 73 1 The title of a manuscript should be accurate, fully explanatory, and preferably no longer than 12 words. The title should reflect the content and population studied e. If the paper reports a randomized clinical trial RCTthis should be indicated in the title.

Note that JARS criteria must be used for reporting purposes. All manuscripts must include an abstract containing a maximum of words typed on a separate. After the abstract, please supply up to five keywords or brief phrases. Manuscripts published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology will include a structured abstract of up to words.

Thus, in preparing a manuscript, please ensure that it is consistent with the guidelines stated below. Please include an Abstract of up to words, presented in paragraph form. The Abstract should be typed on a separate 2 of the manuscriptand must include each of the following sections:. Authors submitting manuscripts to the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology are required to provide 2—3 brief sentences regarding the public health ificance of the study or meta-analysis described in their paper.

It should be written in language that is easily understood by both professionals and members of the lay public. When an accepted paper is published, these sentences will be boxed beneath the abstract for easy accessibility. All such descriptions will also be published as part of the Table of Contents, as well as on the journal's web. This new policy is in keeping with efforts to increase dissemination and Woman seeking nsa Davilla Texas by larger and diverse audiences. To be maximally useful, these statements of public health ificance should not simply be sentences lifted directly out of the manuscript.

They are meant to be informative and useful to any reader. They should provide a bottom-line, take-home message that is accurate and easily understood. In addition, they should be able to be translated into media-appropriate statements for use in press releases and on social media. Prior to final acceptance and publication, all public health ificance statements will be carefully reviewed to make Woman seeking nsa Davilla Texas they meet these standards.

Authors will be expected to revise statements as necessary. The Method section of each empirical report must contain a detailed description of the study participants, including but not limited to the following: age, gender, ethnicity, SES, clinical diagnoses and comorbidities as appropriateand any other relevant demographics.

In the Discussion section of the manuscript, authors should discuss the diversity of their study samples and the generalizability of their findings. The Method section of empirical reports must contain a sufficiently detailed description of the measures used so that the reader understands the item content, scoring procedures, and total scores or subscales.

Evidence of reliability and validity with similar populations should be provided. JCCP requires the statistical reporting of measures that convey clinical ificance. Authors should report means and standard deviations for all continuous study variables and the effect sizes for the primary study findings. If effect sizes are not available for a particular test, authors should convey this in their cover letter at the time of submission. JCCP also requires authors to report confidence intervals for any effect sizes involving principal outcomes see Fidler et al. In addition, when reporting the of interventions, authors should include indicators of clinically ificant change.

Authors may use one of several approaches that have been recommended for capturing clinical ificance, including but not Woman seeking nsa Davilla Texas to the reliable change index i. Articles must include a discussion of the clinical implications of the study findings or analytic review.

The Discussion section should contain a clear statement of the extent of clinical application of the current assessment, prevention, or treatment methods. The extent of application to clinical practice may range from suggestions that the data are too preliminary to support widespread dissemination to descriptions of existing manuals available from the authors or archived materials that would allow full implementation at present. For example:. Links to preregistrations and data, code, and materials should also be included in the Author Note.

Authors must state whether data and study materials are available and, if so, where to access them.

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In both the Author Note and at the end of the Method section, specify whether and where the data and materials are available or include a statement noting that they are not available. Woman seeking nsa Davilla Texas submissions with quantitative or simulation analytic methods, state whether the study analysis code is available, and, if so, where to access it. For studies that are not clinical trials, preregistration is encouraged, but not required.

Preregistration of studies and specific hypotheses can be a useful tool for making strong theoretical claims. Likewise, preregistration of analysis Woman seeking nsa Davilla Texas can be useful for distinguishing confirmatory and exploratory analyses. Investigators are encouraged to preregister their studies and analysis plans prior to conducting the research e.

Articles must state whether or not any work was preregistered and, if so, where to access the preregistration. Preregistrations must be available to reviewers; authors may submit a masked copy via stable link or supplemental material. Links in the Method section and the Author Note should be replaced with an identifiable copy on acceptance. In order to reduce the likelihood of duplicate or piecemeal publication, authors are required to provide, in their cover letter, a list of published, in press, and under review studies that come from the same dataset as the one in the submitted manuscript, as well as a narrative description of how the submitted manuscript differs from the others.

This narrative description should include how the manuscript differs or does not in terms of research question and variables studied. Authors also are required to submit a masked version of the narrative description that can be provided to reviewers. Please add this as an appendix table on the last of the submitted manuscript. Please base your description on the following examples, edited according to your specific data circumstances. Do not provide the title of the manuscript, authors, or journal in which it was published.

Do provide the names of the relevant variables i. Findings from the data collection have been reported in separate manuscripts. MS 1 published focuses on variables 1, 2, and 3; while MS 2 in press focuses on variables 4, 5, and 6. MS 3 the current manuscript focuses on variables 8, 9, and MS 4 soon to be submitted will focus on variables 10, 12, and The data reported in this manuscript were obtained from publicly available data, [name of project, along with website link to project description].

Woman seeking nsa Davilla Texas

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