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Posted March 21, Reviewed by Ekua Hagan. Sadly, published academic research on this topic is quite limited. They recruited participants from introductory psychology courses and through placed in the student newsletter. The anonymous online survey asked students about three aspects of threesome-related thoughts and behaviors: attitudes; interests; and past experiences, in all cases focusing on mixed- gender threesomes i.

We now look at each of these in turn. Young people today are much more accepting of nontraditional sexual activities, like premarital sex or casual sex, than generations. But no one had really asked people how acceptable they find threesomes. The graph below shows the :.

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As the graph above shows, Canadian undergr felt relatively neutral about threesomes, on average. This average, however, masks the individual variability in the sample. As you might expect, men were more accepting of threesomes than women, with a one-point difference between the sexes.

But differing from the stereotype that all men are crazy about threesomes, men scored on average right at the neutral mid-point of the scale. Meanwhile women scored a bit below, showing a slightly negative view of this sexual act.

These s are virtually identical to those found in a separate sample of U. As you can see from the graph above, average interest in threesomes was fairly low—only about 2. A few additional questions on familiarity of partners and relationship dynamics revealed that people were just as un interested in a threesome if it included their romantic partner versus as they were in being the third person ing a different couple.

This was true of both men and women. Further, men preferred to have threesomes with friends or acquaintances more than with strangers; this was true whether they were to do it with their own partners or as the third person. Women also preferred friends or acquaintances if they were the third person, but women had no preference regarding familiarity of the third person if they were doing it with their romantic partner. Finally, there was the question of whether participants had already had a threesome.

Of course, this pattern of raises the question of who exactly are Women into mfm 3 sum 30 San Diego 30 women these men had all those FMFs with? Overall, it appears that threesomes are not uncommon or highly unacceptable, but they are also not especially mainstream, at least among Canadian undergr. Compared to women, men were more accepting of threesomes in general, and more interested in—and experienced with—FMF threesomes in particular. These gender differences are striking, but not surprising. Men are generally more sexually adventurous and accepting of nontraditional sex in all its forms than are women.

But more specifically, a threesome with two women is the ultimate fantasy of many heterosexual men, a conquest above all conquests, a fun playful party time, and twice the of all the body parts they enjoy sexually.

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On one hand, you might imagine that straight women should be into this scenario more so than straight men—after all, the women get to be the center of the attention of two partners of their preferred sex. The men have to deal with the discomfort, so deeply imbued by our still-homophobic culture, of having another naked man in their presence. The MFM scenario also carries all sorts of physical safety and power dynamics concerns that may make women uncomfortable, concerns not necessarily facing men in FMF scenarios.

These are far from definitive, especially given that the sample is not very representative. Nonetheless, they are telling of the thoughts and behaviors of the current generation of North American undergraduate students. Have a casual or group sex story to share with the world? That's what the Casual Sex Project is for. Thompson, E. Archives of Sexual Behavior. E-pub ahead of print. Hughes, S. Sex differences in mating strategies: Mate guarding, infidelity and multiple concurrent sex partners.

Sexualities, Evolution and Gender, 6, 3— Zhana Vrangalova, Ph. Zhana Vrangalova Ph. Strictly Casual.

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New research has some surprises. References Thompson, E. About the Author. Read Next. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Personality Passive Aggression Personality Shyness. Family Life Child Development Parenting.

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Women into mfm 3 sum 30 San Diego 30

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