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Extras: A nice looking photo gallery is provided. The female cast of Women Seeking Women 67 is introduced in a montage. The promos and trailers give the viewer a very good sample of this studio's titles. Website information round out this section. This DVD is presented in widescreen format. Women Seeking Women Vol. Support Our Sponsor:. Overview: Women Seeking Women Volume 67 is the sixty-seventh installment to this highly successful series from Girlfriend Films.

Of all of the titles that this production company makes on a consistent schedule, it continues to be the most reliable and steady series in their arsenal. A major reason Women seeking women 67 it's success is the knack of pairing the most appropriate women for each scene.

Dan O'Connell is the master in putting together the most sensuous lesbian scenes on film in this industry. As a matter of fact, he reminds me of myself when I write my romance stories. Even though we are guys, we know what hot lesbian sex entails. O'Connell gets those qualities from the performers who he hires and pairs them with solid counterparts. As for me, I know how to write it down in a steamy manner. At the end, we both make the audience's body temperature rise into the stratosphere.

As long as Dan O'Connell remains the head of this studio, it will be very difficult to surpass him. I suppose it's fortunate for him that I don't open Women seeking women 67 own studio. Scene One: After a gorgeous looking Jana Cova shows the always cute Zoe Britton her works of art, they end up in the bedroom where they kiss. The set-up to the heated activity is very good. The audience can sense a good level of attraction by the women for each other during their kissing and make out session.

Everyone's body temperature rises a whole lot. Even though their titty sucking moments are nice looking, it's their muffin eating activity that increases the excitement level of their performance. The dark-haired beauty tastes some feminine nectar first as she goes down on Jana. Her technique makes me squirm and stare at the screen for a good amount of time. Nevertheless, Jana in one of her final scenes does a swell job in orally pleasuring the woman's sexual plaything too. The humping action adds some spice to their performance, but it's the last thing that people will remember.

Their very attractive appearance and hot oral play will be the lingering aspects to this very good opening scene. The anticipation for their make out session builds up nicely as Sinn begins her moves on the cute lady. Their lengthy kissing activity feels exciting. When the humping and titty sucking moments occur, the energy level rises. Women seeking women 67, the woman orally stimulates Elexis. Sinn's active and persistent technique is a huge-on.

Next, the strap-on dildo elements look good. Overall, it's a good scene. She is trying to sell draperies. In order for the dark-haired stunner to make a sale, the woman has to accept the advances of the female homeowner.

They make out and the nice looking titty play occurs. It is not a surprise that the horny Lily has her chance to taste some pussy juice first. As to the oral sucking moments, both of them do very fine jobs. However, it's the very passionate and energetic fingerfucking behavior by India and Lily that drives their performance into the stratosphere. This studio needs to pair them up in another series.

There is also some good strap-on Women seeking women 67, but it's the aggressive finger pleasuring moments and amazing sex that will blow the viewers' minds and make this scene very high in replay value. The persistent seduction works out nicely and the tender kissing moments between the two women builds up the heat factor extremely well. Later, the scene shifts to the bedroom where the sensual activity continues. Their bare tits look very appealing and inviting. The titty sucking looks good. Afterwards, Samantha eats the woman's passion fruit with good effort.

It's very evident that Fayth is feeling the sensations run through her body. Afterwards, Faythe does a nice job in orally and manually pleasuring the woman. The humping activity adds a good touch to this alright scene. Privacy Policy - Terms of Use - 18 U.

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Women seeking women 67

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Women Seeking Women Vol. 67