Wwe stars dating in real life

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WWE superstars work closely together behind the scenes that sometimes, form a real-life connection between them. Many have even gone on for years before splitting up. One of the most popular WWE couples to break up was John Cena and Nikki Bella, who called of their wedding a month before its planned date. On the other hand, some wrestling couples are still going strong and have become an example for others that true love can be found inside WWE too. The following is a list of 10 WWE couples who are very happy with their relationship. We have also mentioned the names of wrestlers who no longer work for WWE, but once used to do so and have also considered factors such as how long they have been married and if things went wrong between them.

However, keeping the storyline out of real-life, everything is fine between Rusev and Lana. Just like a few other couples in this list, their relationship took off with a storyline where they worked together. It turned out well for them, as Rusev and Lana are now married for over 3 years. He was the one who suggested that Lana should work with Rusev since she was already fluent in speaking Russian. They started sharing more and more time together and without even knowing were in love with each other. They married inand their wedding was featured on Total Divas as well. Both have been known to each Wwe stars dating in real life for a long time and their first meeting happened at a Northeast Wrestling show.

When they first met, they were already in a relationship but as soon as they became single again, they started messaging each other on Twitter. Inthey confirmed their relationship and a year later, got engaged. Their wedding took place in Chicago, Illinois in and they welcomed their first child, last year, named Fredrica Moon Bennett. A few months ago, Maria revealed on Raw that she and Mike are expecting their second.

This pregnancy-saga ended abruptly in WWE, and it was probably the right thing to do so. Natalya and Tyson Kid have known each other since they were 14 and 12 respectively. Tyson has always been close to the Hart family. Inthey were involved in many storylines that had a bad effect on their marriage, as revealed by Natalya.

But they worked it out and are still together. On the other hand, Natalya works as a singles superstar in WWE and recently made history by performing in Saudi Arabia. Maryse assisted The Miz on WWE Television for a long time and only in recent years did she started appearing less often because of her parental duties. After dating for a few years, the couple engaged Wwe stars dating in real lifeand a year later tied knots as well in The Bahamas.

The show, obviously, features both of the superstars and what goes on in their life. Although, the Wwe stars dating in real life had started speculating about the same long before that. The WWE Universe knew something is going on between these two personalities and their guess was right. The couple wedded in Apriland since then have been enjoying their married life. The couple still gets to share quality time with each other on a regular basis. Their relationship started after Wwe stars dating in real life had aligned them in an on-screen storyline which later took a turn and made them a real-life couple.

Both engaged in and were married in April Their first child, Birdie Joe Danielson, came into this world two years ago, which made Bella busier than ever. A year later, they were engaged and then tied knots on June 13, What was supposed to be the happiest day for Punk, became the worst day of his life as he got fired on his wedding day by WWE. This made him lose interest in wrestling and announce his retirement. After some time, Lee also left the company and retired from wrestling like her husband. She may not return as a wrestler but instead, she could work with Punk on Backstage.

But the odds of happening that are still minimal. They have been married since and also have a daughter together whose name is Kaia Faith Calaway. Michelle also claimed to have stress because of this, but in the end, everything worked well. A few months ago, The Undertaker was interviewed by pastor Ed Young, where he wept while talking about his wife, Michelle. She often posts pictures of her husband on Instagram, where The Phenom can be seen happy and out-of-character.

They have been married for over a decade and have three daughters: Aurora, Murphy, and Vaughn. Triple H started dating Stephanie as part of a storyline inwhich developed feelings between them in real-life too. By the time The Game had proposed her female boss, they were already married on Raw and a year before their marriage, they divorced in kayfabe.

But this played a major role in making them a couple in reality. They often share their pictures together on their Social Media profiles and seem to be the happiest couples in all of WWE. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Connect with us. Related Topics. By Nafiz Tahmid. By Shayudh Ghoshal. By Somrudra Das. Royal Rumble betting odds : Listing the potential winners according to the betting community.

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Wwe stars dating in real life

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WWE real life couples: From Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar and Sable, to Edge and Beth Phoenix