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Kent devises a revenge plan against Laurel, whose husband he believed ruined his marriage, however, his plan becomes deadly once Laurel decides to fight back. In. Director Jason Bourque. Zachary Valenti. Top credits Director Jason Bourque. Photos 2.

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Add image. Top cast Edit. Kate Villanova Laurel as Laurel …. Jason Cermak James as James …. Matthew MacCaull Kent as Kent …. Marnie Mahannah Angela as Angela …. Blake Williams Scott as Scott. Sheila Tyson Doctor as Doctor. Hani Mefti David as David. Khamisa Wilsher Candice as Candice. Francesca Bianchi Laura as Laura ….

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Jason Bourque. More like this.

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Storyline Edit. While they still love each other, Laurel and James Briggs, parents to adolescents Josh and Daniela Briggs, are having troubles in their marriage. Although coming out of marriage counseling Laurel says she forgives James for his one time only marital indiscretion, she sometimes cannot help but hold it against him in feeling the way she feels.

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Resentment has also crept in on both sides, James often accusing Laurel of placing her career ahead of family, while both deal with the marital stress in conflicting ways. It is right after one of her and James' arguments about one of those conflict areas that Laurel, out of town on a two day conference, falls prey to the flirtations of another conference attendee, Kent Anderson, in having a sexual liaison with him, which she regrets immediately after the fact.

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Despite Laurel telling Kent in no uncertain terms that their liaison was a one-nighter, he begins to pursue her openly, at least openly to her with implied threats to expose their tryst to everyone in her day-to-day life. What Laurel doesn't know is that Kent has a more sinister ulterior motive in his pursuit than just wanting to be with her, that motive which not only jeopardizes her and James' marriage, but places her and her family's lives in danger, that family not only including James and the kids, but her sister Angela as well.

Add content advisory. User reviews 6 Review. Top review. One night stand, gone wrong. The movie dragged in the predictable final act, but overall pretty solid offering from Lifetime. The actors all had good chemistry and grounded performances. I added a star for all the gratuitous shirtlessness Matthew MacCaull. Www watch my wife com Oct 7, Details Edit.

Release date October 6, United States. My Life Productions Inc. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 15min. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Edit. Before They Were Stars.

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Www watch my wife com

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